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Download Animal Mod mcpe mod apk v1.0 for Android

Name Animal Mod mcpe
Category Tools
Popularity 4420
Publisher M3 Studio MCPE Mods
Score 6.0
Publish Date 09/12/2022
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Mod Info:

Animal Mod mcpe

Animal Mod mcpe Game Introduction :

In the world of mcpe Bedrock, the player is constantly required to build and expand his territories, conquer locations, and do battle with mobs and other enemies. And often the game takes on an aggressive style in which the main thing is survival in mcpe Bedrock.

Addon animals in minecraft can change the style and purpose of the game Pocket Edition. With our application, you can easily install animals mods for mcpe that add a variety of beasts and birds to your game.

The animals mods for mcpe open an unexplored world filled with wild and domestic beasts. He has many faces and variety. You will meet such representatives of fauna as a bear, wild cats, wolves, wild boars, snakes and others. In addition, traveling from one mod biome to another, you will get acquainted with exotic animals and birds. The animals mod will give you a chance to see such animals as elephant, turtle, alpaca, crocodile and monkey.

In the animal mod in Pocket Edition you can choose several targets for your mcpe Bedrock game. You can just observe the animal world and the habits of each of its furry representatives. Or you can try to tame any animal addons and build your own zoo. Domestic pets addons will bring so many positive emotions in the game!

How to tame wild animal mods? Everything is easy! Trust can be earned through a tasty bone, which any animals in minecraft will not refuse. Pets will be a loyal protection for you. A pet is a friend, and a friend will never leave you in trouble. As a rule, wild beasts of mods sense danger long before it appears. So the pet is always ready for a sudden attack of mobs or other wild animals in minecraft.

But taming an animal is not enough. Now with animals mod the meaning of the game Pocket Edition will be to show constant care. You need to think about where the domestic pets of addons will live. You can build a zoo. The zoo should be large and spacious and as similar as possible to the natural habitat of each animal. And the pet, in turn, gives you a lot of joy and extra features.

In order to download the animals mods for mcpe, you need to go to our application and in the menu select the command \”download\”. After that, the addon will be installed and you can start the game.

Animals mod diversify the course and plot of your game and bring a lot of pleasant emotions and events.

The animals mods for mcpe is an application that is not affiliated with Mojang AB. The addon is not developed by Mojang AB. The use of the name minecraft is righted solely by Mojang AB.

Animal Mod mcpe Game screenshot :

Animal Mod mcpe

Animal Mod mcpe

Animal Mod mcpe

Animal Mod mcpe ()

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