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Download 江湖悠悠 mod apk v3.0.2 for Android

Name 江湖悠悠
Category Simulation
Size 1.1GB
Popularity 4644
Publisher 文明工作室
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/10/2022
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Mod Info:


江湖悠悠 Game Introduction :

●Officially launched at 11:00 today ●
●Download is now open ●
Join the million-dollar pension draw!

The first pastoral martial arts management game \”Jianghu Yoyo\”
Come to the most relaxing world of rivers and lakes and experience the most leisurely retirement life!

Make an appointment now to get a round-trip ticket to Japan and get a limited-edition pet yellow Ama!

The mountain is heavy and the water is doubtful, and there is no way.
In the martial arts rivers and lakes where soldiers are chasing and a hundred schools of thought are fighting, there is a place like the paradise written by Mr. Wuliu.
You don\’t need to worry about trivial matters, you don\’t need to compete for secular utility
Put the sword in the sheath, disarm and return to the field, this is the end of your journey back
Make a pot of wine, cook a bowl of porridge, clean up the chaotic and tired heart, and write down every bit of life into a diary, just relax and enjoy this different rivers and lakes

\”Jianghu Yoyo\” breaks the gameplay of all previous martial arts games, the new first pastoral martial arts, plant the seeds of happiness, prepare delicious dishes, travel with your young heroes to all over the world, hundreds of rivers and lakes scenery , thousands of travel events, wonderful and rich Jianghu secrets, enjoy your leisure time in the most relaxing home!

[Game Features]

[Bring your bag and travel with the young hero]

Travel the vast world of rivers and lakes together with the unique young heroes –
Unlike traditional martial arts, you can\’t fully control the life of a young hero; your young hero may fly over the eaves and walls in the middle of the night, fight a small surprise attack with a sword, fish alone in the snow, pick up a bag and go to a stunning view, full of scars. Returning from disaster; he will be happy for discovering the recipe, angry for the bandits to deceive the people, and sad for the death of the old man… You will grow up with the young hero and experience the joys, sorrows and joys of the journey together.

[Super-beautiful martial arts, 3D restoration of paradise scenery]
Everyone has an ideal peach blossom garden! The season scenes are truly restored – teams of ducklings swim through the warm spring river, little fluorescent lights flicker in the midsummer forest; mature fruits are full of autumn branches; white snow covers the cold winter water. With the change of seasons, you can also change clothes for young heroes in various seasons, hang a lantern in your home, plant a cherry tree, decorate the exterior wall with plum blossoms, make a bed with ink bamboo… bring it back Building materials from all over the world make decorations, give full play to your creativity, and create your own paradise!

[Healing is martial arts, love and hatred are all red dust]
Why do you know each other when you meet? Destiny to meet for thousands of miles! Different from the violent spirit of traditional martial arts, here you can read the stories of characters hidden in this idyllic river and lake, and deepen your relationship with people through various narrative methods such as dialogues with ordinary people in the market, receiving letters from villagers, and encounters while traveling. link. And not only that! You can also write and share your own experiences in the arena, and even continue to write unfinished stories of others! Here you can savor the comfortable life and create a river and lake that heals the soul and has human warmth!

[Fireworks, make friends and enjoy together]

There are no traditional martial arts gangs here, only villages that gather naturally. The villagers support each other and fight foreign aggression together. Do not seek to be the first in martial arts, do not strive for ranking contributions, everyone just fences up the fence to farm fish, pick up swords to defend against bandit invasion, and share a feast in the square where fireworks are lit; in addition, they can also prepare wine and food to entertain visitors to their homes. friends, go to each other\’s home to give flowers and pray for blessings. Here you can slow down, wait for a letter from afar, wait for a running water river lamp, and experience a different \”slow social\” life.

[Leaning on the sword and roaming the world of martial arts]
Holding a sword hides merit and fame! There are six main schools in the game, you can experience styles and moves, and you can choose from thousands of skills. Here, you can also be a peerless master who has retired. In battle, the sword is still fierce, flipping and moving, parrying, sword light and flint. Catch the flaws in time, and the finishing technique will determine the outcome with one blow!

[Pastoral Martial Arts Life, Explore Hundreds of Foods]

In a unique home, you can cultivate wheat, rice and other crops, and freely combine ingredients to develop new dishes. These delicacies run through the vast rivers and mountains and Chinese history, and more than 100 recipes are waiting for you to explore! There are also business methods such as brewing, refining medicine, planting fruit trees, raising chickens and pet cultivation to enrich your rural life! Take a light boat now and sail to your own Peach Blossom Land!

[This game is represented by Constellation Technology Co., Ltd.]

※ This game involves violence and inappropriate words. It uses light and shadow special effects and numbers to describe the character\’s fighting damage but there is no bloody picture. It should be listed as tutoring for 12-year-olds.

※ This game is free to use, but the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items for players to choose.

※ Please arrange the game time properly to avoid excessive addiction.

江湖悠悠 Game screenshot :






江湖悠悠 (1.1GB)

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